Venue: NCDS Bhubaneswar | November 23, 2017

23800104_1738100742889210_1860464992248165766_oProf. Srijit Mishra and Dinesh Balam interacted with Professor Ramesh Chand, Niti Aayog, GoI on Millet Mission initiative of Government of Odisha. He was in NCDS Bhubaneswar to deliver presidential address on 31st National Conference on Agriculture Marketing.

He was keen on knowing the details of the programme. Prof. Srijit Mishra explained about the institutional architecture of the programme.

Professor Ramesh Chand appreciated the Millet Mission Initiative. He said that millets being the crops with high nutrition values and being resilient to climate change will play a key role in future farming systems.

He mentioned that Government of India is also encouraging millets and has written to United Nations to consider declaring 2018 as “International Year of Millets”. He wished success for Millet Mission Odisha.


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